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  • Check that network card is activated on your device.
    Click the network icon at the bottom of the Windows taskbar and open network and sharing center. Then click Change Network Card Settings and enable the appropriate network connection
  • Please ensure that your device is connected to “AbleCenter or AbleCenterN” wireless network.
  • Check settings, right click in AbleCenter application, check that the correct camera and / or AbleGrabber is selected. If you do not have the option to select source in the settings menu, please update your software to the latest version from AbleSky.no
  • Press F10 (to change camera source)
  • Check the light and contrast settings in the computer settings.
  • Check light and contrast in AbleCenter software, or reset
    camera settings by pressing shortcut “R“.
  • Make sure that camera lens and glass cover is free of scratches, dirt or liquid. Wipe off
    glass cover with dust-free cloth.
  • Unplug the power plug, wait 1 minute and reconnect the power plug.
  • Press F11 to switch to the AbleGrabber (F10 to switch back to camera image)
  • Make sure it is connected correctly. Display cable (VGA / HDMI) output from projector or Smart-board output (VGA-out or monitor-out / HDMI-out) and into the input port of AbleGrabber
  • Make sure: That AbleGrabber and Router are connected with network cable. It needs to be connected to one of the available four numbered LANports on the router.
  • Check the configuration on the Smart Board, VGA signal out must be enabled. Check that there is an active image on the projector screen. You can also connect a small flat screen to the VGA out port to see if there is a picture.
  • If you have HDMI in to the Projector / Smart Board, HDMI must also be inserted into AbleGrabber! The same applies to the VGA connection. Neither projectors nor Smart Board manage to convert digital signal to analog or vice versa.
  • Check the configuration on the Projector or Smart Board Check that the VGA signal out is enabled and that the image appears on the projector screen.
  • Splitter connection: In some cases connecting to AbleGrabber requires HDMI splitter, connect your source device (teacher PC) to the in port of the splitter. From the out ports, connect one HDMI cable to the “in port” on Projector/Smart Board and the other port needs to be connected with AbleGrabber
  • Blue Screen:
    If there is a blue screen instead of a picture, it means that you have connection with AbleGrabber and the problem is with the image transfer. Make sure the port on the projector or Smart Board is active. The resolution on sending / Teacher the PC can also be the cause of this problem. To adjustthe resolution, you must be on the desktop. Then right-click and scroll down to “Display Settings” or “Display Resolution” depending on which version of Windows you have. There you need to change resolution to one that is higher than 1380×800. Then press save. By using Windows 10, you must click on “Advanced Display Settings” and set the resolution that is higher than 1380×800 (resolution may vary from PC to PC, please try all). Then press save. PS! These settings need to be changed when you have connected the VGA / HDMI cable.
  • Nothing happens when I press F11:
    It happens that “Windows Firewall” blocks the connection between AbleGrabber and user PC. To resolve this problem, go to “Windows Firewall” settings and allow “AbleCenter” to get full access to the network.
  • Check if the router is turned on (flashing light), check power connection and power button.
  • Check the WiFi button on the side of the router, it must be activated.
  • PC may have an old network card so only the AbleCenterN (2.4GHz) network appears. One might consider switching to a PC that has 5Ghz network card. You can aslo insert an external USB 5Ghz network adapter that provides access to the AbleCenter (5GHz) network.
  • Connect the internet cable to the WAN / Internet input on the router.
  • Use an external wireless USB network adapter to be connected to ‘AbleCenter‘ and let the internal wireless network adapter be connected to the Internet.
  • Activate “Auto-Connect” on advanced settings. This function makes AbleCenter program connect automaticly to  AbleCenter/AbleCenterN network. After program is shut down, network connection will restore back to the perfered one. (This function is avaliable from version
  • Framerate– In the AbleCenter program there are 3 different framerate modes that can be adjusted in advanced settings. To select between “high-medium-low” framerate, right-click in the program, then select settings. These changes can improve the performance of the AbleCenter system.
  • Right-click the power icon to check which mode it is set to. (High performance is preferred).
  • Check if power (charger) is connected.
  • Check which network you are connected to, preferred network is the 5 Ghz network “AbleCenter“, 2.4Ghz network is “AbleCenterN” and will not always deliver as fast image transfers as the 5Ghz network. However ti has longer connection distance.
  • Connect automatically” removed from “AbleCenterN” and set “AbleCenter” as the default network.
  • Update to the latest AbleCenter version. For viewing your version number, see Settings, Help, Version number, in AbleCenter software. (Check AbleSky.no for the latest version of the AbleCenter program).
  • RFR– Stands for Restricted Frame Rate and is a feature of the application that sets the number of frames in the camera image. This feature may be applicable to users with older PCs. To enable the RFR feature, right-click the program, then select settings and advanced settings, check that the RFR button is active.
  • In some cases, the 2.4 Ghz network may be less busy and work better.
  • Try installing a new 5 Ghz USB network adapter.
  • User PC / device may be the problem that causes framedrop and latency. We recommend having a machine with i5 or i7 processors, minimum 8GB RAM and SSD disk, network adapter that supports 802.11ac (5GHz networks)
  • Check over the cables from source PC to projector, from projector to Grabber (also power cable) and from Grabber to router.
  • Try another source/teacher PC.
  • Screen signal from source/sending PC may be too weak and you need a signal amplifier.
  • iPad/Chromebook/Android – Open AppStore/GooglePlay and search for: “AbleCenter
  • PC or MacBook – Download latest version from: AbleSky.no

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