– AbleCenter for Windows

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AbleCenter Activation:

To access the software you will need a license from us. You can get this license https://www.ablesky.no.

  1. Register an email address at ablesky.no and confirm your email (Create a password without characters such as: @#$¤%…).
  2. Go to the “Products” tab and find AbleCenter Desktop or AbleMobile (iPad)
  3. Click on «Request License» and enter information that you think is useful.
  4. We will now process your license.
  5. When the license is approved, the button will be green and it will say “License is active
  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC and search for “AbleCenter“. Download the software. If you want it on iPad or OSX, you can download AbleCenter from the AppStore.
  2. You can now go into the AbleCenter application and log in with the same email and password that you registered earlier. Remember (When entering the license, the device must be connected to a network that has Internet access)


  • Right-click inside the software and select “Settings
  • In source tabs: Check for AbleCamera AC-3 and AbleGrabber
  • Proceed to Advanced tab
  • Activate Auto Connect WiFi
  • Type in «AbleCenter» as network name and «******» as password (contact us at service@ablecenter.no or +47 40082011 for network password)

  • Open the App
  • Hold your finger in the center of the screen
  • Then select settings in the bottom right corner
  • Advanced
  • Check the box «Auto-Connect» and enter «AbleCenter» as network name and «******» as password (contact us at service@ablecenter.no or +47 40082011 for network password)
  • Press the green button to save the changes.

If the correct login information has been entered, the app should switch to camera network at the next reboot.

If you have any questions?

Let us know

  • 09:00-16:00
  • +47 400 82 011
  • post@ablecon.no
  • Trudvangveien 67, 3117 Tønsberg, Norway